If you’re here then you might have already been looking for solutions! In some Samsung phones there are what is called Secure Folder. It allows you to run the apps you have already installed for the most part, as a second user. The problem is that some people experience an issue where they received a notice that “Phone Access for This App” is “Disabled by Admin” … and that’s it! There is little to no explanation on how to fix it except that you are supposedly restricted by your Work IT guy. But this is not always true. Some people work for themselves, or bought out their own phone and are not part of any Work Network…

And the pain is the samsung care team! They will want to convince you that this is related to your work.. when often times than likely it is not!

So here we dived in to figure out what causes this issue and found out that happen when at the time of setting up the Secure Folder permissions which were require were subsequently denied for the folder itself. That makes it difficult if not impossible to use or attributes new permissions later on to certains apps while in the secure folder. 

Some users went to the length of resetting their entire phone! And samsung care team is not helping either!

So to fix it, the whole process consists of :
1- backing up your Secure folder data
2- uninstalling the secure folder
3- Reinstalling it
4- Restoring your data
5- You’re DONE! 

However while restoring or uninstalling you might encounter some errors message prompting you to contact samsung support. You can ignore it and simply restart your phone and the process.

Below is a video on how to get it done.